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The project is based on comprehensive actions, that is to say, a project that consists of the physical, social and economic regeneration of the neighbourhood of “Los Pitufos” in Las Pedroñeras de Cuenca. For this, it is necessary to combine actions in the different areas of life of the people who live in the neighbourhood itself, carrying them out from a global perspective, carrying them out by means of an integral accompaniment, through training actions for the family and/or cohabitation unit, as well as for the community.

These actions are considered essential to achieve an optimum level of motivation and commitment to participate in the development of the neighbourhood. It is necessary to create an itinerary to work together with the family, promoting the empowerment of the different members of the family, especially women, since due to the Romany culture they are in a disadvantageous situation with respect to men. The acquisition of life skills, conflict resolution and decision making skills will also be increased in order to improve the quality of life of the people.

As this is a population with a high unemployment rate, it is necessary to create skills for the improvement and/or maintenance of the labour activity or its acquisition, as the majority of the population of the “Los Pitufos” neighbourhood is unaware of the existing resources for the search for employment, as they do not have professional qualifications and access to new technologies, thus making it difficult to access the labour market.

With regard to the young population, there is a high number of school dropouts between the ages of 14 and 24, which is another barrier to accessing employment, so it is necessary to increase training for continuity in the education system, thus reducing the long-term effects, especially at the employment and family level. This abandonment of the education system has repercussions at the employment level, as it makes it difficult to access decent employment and therefore housing.

In the homes there are situations of overcrowding, misuse of the same, etc., so it is necessary to work on raising awareness of the use and care of housing and the neighbourhood in which they are living, thus avoiding its deterioration through health improvements in communal areas.



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