Only what is known and valued can be protected and preserved.

Based on this premise, CUENCANTADOS was created as a project to promote, protect and revalue the Heritage of Cuenca, aimed at schoolchildren not only in the city of Cuenca but throughout the Autonomous Community of Cuenca.

Cuencantados is conceived so that the pupils of the region feel the Heritage as their own, offering them the possibility of assuming that their identity, in the different levels in which it is configured, derives from heritage references that explain what we are, how we are, why we have come to be like this and how we relate to others.

It is necessary to include a sector of the population that we consider extremely important to ensure the importance of the conservation and preservation not only of monuments but also of cultural heritage: children, adolescents and young people.


  • Facilitate children’s knowledge, enjoyment and dissemination of cultural heritage.
  • Learning to value, caring and inducing values in the learner through active participation.


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