The originality of EnREDaDOS lies in its dual purpose.

It is an itinerant project, which aims to bring Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to the elderly of Castilla la Mancha while they carry out exercises to stimulate cognitive activities through the use of computers.

As it is an itinerant project, it is possible to reach a larger number of people.

The EnREDaDos project, in addition to promoting the use of new technologies among the elderly, has a number of added values:

  • It is not limited to teaching computers, as it incorporates a system of cognitive stimulation and prevention of intellectual deterioration through a series of exercises to stimulate cognitive abilities.
  • By using free online platforms, it is possible to access both individual and group classes, the latter being the most widely used method to encourage older people to learn ICTs.


  1. To keep the mental functions of the elderly active in order to prevent the risk of age-related intellectual decline and to achieve normal behavioural development in personal and social relations.
  2. Prevent the social disintegration that occurs in groups at risk, given the impossibility or difficulty of accessing the use of technology.
  3. Improving personal well-being rates with better social inclusion.


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