La Brújula

La Brújula is a socio-educational resource of specialised attention aimed at both normalised children and adolescents, as well as those who are at risk or at a social disadvantage. It is developed in the field of non-formal education and leisure and free time, generating an alternative to the situation of risk in which children and adolescents (NNA) may find themselves.

La Brújula works according to the Child Rights Approach and from the intervention model of Service-Learning, achieved through community participation, a fundamental axis in La Brújula. Children and adolescents participate as active members with full rights in community life.

The project places great emphasis on the consequences and short and long term effects caused by the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other substances in childhood and adolescence. The aim is to work on the basis of selective and indicated drug prevention, through a specific intervention with each of the participants.


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