Abriendo puertas

The “Opening Doors” summer camp is aimed at children and teenagers from 6 to 18 years old. We will start from the basis of not boring; respecting the autonomy of the group; making fun, creation and learning compatible; making individual and shared leisure compatible. And of course, we will bear in mind that the group is the centre of the action and the protagonist of its own process, based on participation and communication.

The camp arises from the need for a space for coexistence and recreation, as well as a holiday away from their locality.

Another important part of the children come from populations that suffer from territorial exclusion due to lack of population, and in some cases, they find themselves without playmates in the localities where they live. For them it is an experience, as it happens that in some cases they come from other countries where they have not had the opportunity to swim in a swimming pool. They will learn to be more tolerant, to live with people who are not from their own environment, they will make new friends, share rooms, games, activities and participate in decision making. The children will be free from the watchful eyes of their parents and will experience a sense of freedom and responsibility that can only be experienced away from home.



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