Painting the emptied Spain

The idea of the project is to fill the villages of Cuenca with colour and life by intervening the walls with the help of the local people and with the collaboration of the artist Javier Aldarias.

In this way, small tourist centres of great interest are created, which can attract interested visitors and even be a place of interest for future visits, reinforcing the feeling of community among the neighbours who collaborate in the elaboration of the works, feeling them as their own and valuing the small corners of their villages.


  • To promote the construction of the present and future of the rural areas of the province of Cuenca from a civic project of coexistence, in a common space of tolerance and harmony, integrating, based on dialogue, freedom and respect for the ideological and cultural plurality of its neighbours, which guarantees that the whole population can feel identified, represented, respected and even valued.
  • To develop a participatory artistic project of community expression in favour of harmonious coexistence through mural painting..
  • To reclaim art as the universal language that is fundamental for the union of peoples and their people.
  • Bringing art closer to the general public through street art creations that help reflection and the development of critical thinking.
  • To increase the cultural artistic heritage from an inclusive and pluralistic perspective..
  • Encourage artistic practice and group work among neighbours as an element of personal development and growth, facilitating and promoting new artistic experiences.
  • To promote territorial dynamisation and development through cultural projects for the improvement of the municipality with the residents as the main protagonists of their transformation processes..


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