Physical and sporting activities

A project dedicated to gerontogymnastics, in which a set of controlled physical activities are carried out in groups, including a series of physical exercises adapted to the characteristics of the elderly.

The project focuses on favouring active ageing of the elderly, allowing them to keep their physical and cognitive faculties active, slowing down the effects of the ageing of the body. These activities are essential to increase life expectancy.


Active ageing is understood as the process of optimising opportunities for health, participation and security in order to improve the quality of life as people age.

With the elderly, we work along the lines of facilitating active health and healthy living, improving mobility and elasticity to gain autonomy through gymnastic exercises.


  • Improve general body mobility, cardio-respiratory capacity and establish a stable rhythm.
  • To promote and improve the physical condition of the elderly by performing gymnastic sports routines.


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