Who are we?

About us

Grupo Cinco is a non-profit association, whose main activities are Sociocultural Animation and Social Work. Since 1997 it is registered in the General Register of Associations of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla la Mancha and since 2008 in the Register of Social Services of Castilla la Mancha.


The Association believes in social justice and equal opportunities. For this reason, its mission is to favour the integration of groups of people in situations of social disadvantage, accompanying them in their personal and social development, using socio-cultural animation as a methodology of intervention and the workshop as an instrument.


The vision of Grupo Cinco is to be recognised at a regional level as a reference entity in the social field, using social work and socio-cultural animation as tools for change and transformation of the community. It also works to improve people’s reality, facilitating the necessary tools within the processes of change both individually and in the community.


In summary, the values assumed by the Grupo Cinco Association are empathy, sense of belonging, participation, vindication, responsibility,
autonomy, inclusion, non-profit, equity, commitment,


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